In order to be a candidate for Professional Certification by the Association (as opposed to simply a Dues-paying member) the Board of Governors sets the following Certification Standards:

1. A minimum of six months internship-residency with a qualified Hygienic Physician instructor recognized by the Association absent special circumstances. At least three months residency must be with one Professional only. Applications and arrangements for residency must be made through the Association.

2. The experience of at least one thousand patient/day equivalents which should include a minimum of thirty-five patients who have fasted ten days or longer.

3. Passing oral exam by three certified members of the Association with emphasis on understanding the physiology of fasting and general Hygienic care.

4. Approval of Certification shall be at the discretion of the Board of Governors who shall be under no obligation to explain its actions.

5. Absent specific geographic or financial circumstances, applicants for certification should be present at an Annual Meeting prior to being granted said status.

6. In order to retain a Certified status, a member should continue to attend an Annual Meeting at least once every three years. For members whose special geographic or financial circumstances prohibit Annual Meeting attendance as set forth above, said member may alternately retain a Certified status by fulfilling one of the following continuing professional education requirements within every three-year period:

a) A contribution to the Newsletter
b) Contact with a fellow Certified professional or attendance at a recognized seminar in their own state or country.

7. A member's certified status may be reviewed annually by the Association's Board of Governors who shall have the authority to revoke the same for non-participation and/or non-compliance with the Standards of Practice or Principles of Ethics.

8. In special circumstances, the Board of Governors shall have the discretion to waive the application of any of the above Certification Standards.

Adopted 8/20/84
Amended 7/25/92
Amended 8/1/94
Amended 7/3/95

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